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Tisha and Bernie

It's Worth It

Though the drive here can take up to an hour, Tisha Sherdan chooses Hennepin County Medical Center for herself and her now four-month-old son, Bernie. In the midst of Bernie's long stay at the hospital after being born at only 24 weeks, it was clear to Tisha that she made the right choice. Unable to hold her new baby until he was stable, Tisha was grateful that his health care providers kept her connected to him in other ways: by allowing her to take his temperature, change his diaper, and clean his ears. "They really care about their patients," Tisha says of HCMC. By involving her in Bernie’s care, even for the little things, and always keeping mother and son at the center, "They go above and beyond," Tisha says. And that is why she goes the distance to get here.

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