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Nou and Yia

From The Bottom of My Heart /
Has Taag Nrho Huv Kuv Lub Sab Tuaj

Nou Moua has come to HCMC ever since she first arrived in the United States more than 30 years ago. She trusted the staff from the very start, when her provider healed a wound on her arm. Thanks to the patient-centered, culturally competent care that she has received over the years—from the doctors, nurses, and Hmong medical interpreters like Yia Vang—Nou’s trust has grown into a deep appreciation and loyalty. She says she would never consider seeing anyone else for her care. "Has taag nrho huv kuv lub sab tuaj, lub tsev khu mob nuav muaj nuj nqes rua kuv heev. Kuv yeej tau txais yaam kws kuv xaav tau hab tso sab phluav." "From the bottom of my heart, this hospital means so much to me. I feel like I get what I need and I feel safe."

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