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Faces of Inspiration Bunmi Aganmayo Photo


Seeing the best in you.

Bunmi Aganmayo always knew she wanted to be a nurse, but she didn't know she wanted to work in psychiatry until she gave it a try. From that moment on, "I was hooked." She currently works as an ECT coordinator for patients receiving electroconvulsive therapy, one method of treatment for severe and persistent mental illness. Bunmi says working in psychiatry is so rewarding because you get to see the different sides of a person. When patients come in they are sick, and with proper medication and care, they can become their best selves. She enjoys being a part of that process, providing reassurance and explanation to patients as well as good old-fashioned kindness. Bunmi also strives to be her own best self, and recently received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. "There's so much to learn. I have to keep getting better and better at what I do."

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