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CAY Pat & Duffy Photo


A Happy Ending

Duffy Fallon’s life changed forever at a high school hockey game when he was slammed hard into the boards and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Before HCMC took over his care, Duffy went to what felt like a never-ending series of medical appointments that brought little progress and a lot of frustration. “Our world changed once we got to HCMC’s Traumatic Brain Injury Center,” said Pat, his father. “Instead of telling him what he couldn’t do, the doctor said, ‘Duffy, I can help you.’ And the optimism of that one single sitting changed our lives and changed his attitude.” The healthcare team was confident in the treatment plan, patient but firm in their approach, and focused at all times on his potential. “This was a kid that had been an honor roll student and had aspirations of going to a good college,” said Pat. With HCMC’s help, Duffy recovered most of his former capabilities and reached a goal that would make any father proud: admission into Boston College.

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