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CAY Pa Photo


Positivity is contagious.

They call her "Positive Pa." Pa Xiong's attitude radiates around her, touching everyone with whom she comes into contact. And thanks to her new role as patient placement coordinator, this nurse's reach just got even greater. "My job is to facilitate the flow of patients throughout the hospital," said Pa. This means assigning patients to beds who are coming from places such as the Emergency Department, clinics, or other hospitals. The goal is to get them in the most appropriate bed in the least amount of time. This is Pa's first time away from the bedside. Before joining the Placement Center, she worked on the Rapid Treatment Unit. "Now I get a whole-picture view of what's going on in the hospital," said Pa. She and the rest of the team are busy, but they like the challenge. "It's all about teamwork, communication, and staying positive."

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