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CAY Michelle & Abigail Photo


Getting the Answers I Need

Michelle Hodurski came to HCMC for help after failing to find relief for her knee issues at other healthcare facilities. And she has been coming back ever since, not only for her own healthcare needs but also for those of her three children. Abigail, her youngest, is a part of the Health Care Home program in the downtown Pediatric Clinic, which helps to coordinate her care as a child with Down syndrome. She says HCMC stands out from other systems because, "They really listen here. The doctors know that I am with Abigail more than anyone else so they value my opinion. They take my feedback into consideration when making plans and recommendations." Michelle especially values her relationship with Abigail’s primary care physician: "I can walk in there with 25 things to ask him about and he always takes the time to answer every single one."

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