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Lidia Angeles Ayala

Someone I Can Turn to

Being a teenager isn’t easy for anyone, but for Lidia Angeles Ayala, it can be especially difficult at times. Lidia deals with a variety of chronic health conditions that make her life very complicated. However, Lidia knows she can always turn to her Health Care Home Care Coordinator at the Pediatric Clinic to help her sort things out. Her Care Coordinator is the vital link between Lidia and her array of health care providers, who work together with Lidia and her family to help her stay well and meet her personal and health goals. Lidia describes her Care Coordinator as "funny and caring and loving," and says she always starts out each visit by giving Lidia a big hug and asking her how she’s been. "She makes me feel welcome at HCMC and that she is happy to see me. That makes me want to keep coming here and gives me hope."

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