Tara L. Gustilo, MD

Gynecology (ObGyn)

Specialty Centers

Dr. Gustilo graduated from the Mayo Medical School. She completed her residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at Duke University, as well as residency training in acupuncture at the University of California. She earned a fellowship for her research at the University of North Carolina. She is a board certified obstetrician, gynecologist and acupuncturist. She also has a masters in public health in research design.

Dr. Gustilo's special interests include the diagnosis and treatment of chronic abdominal or pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, fibroids, abnormal pap smears, general women's health, acupuncture for chronic and acute pain, mood disorders, fatigue, and fibromyalgia. She is a staff member of the Obstetrics and Gynecology surgical department. She is certified by the North American Menopause Society.

She was born and raised in Minnesota and has three children.

Medical School

Mayo Medical School, Rochester, MN, USA


Acupuncture, University of California - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA


Research, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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