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We offer you a full spectrum of maternity care options at every stage of your pregnancy. Providing exceptional patient-centered care for expectant mothers is the most important thing we do here at Hennepin County Medical Center. You can see a family medicine physician for prenatal care at one of HCMC’s neighborhood clinics. Choose one of our obstetric physicians at our downtown Obstetrics & Gynecology clinics or one of our neighborhood clinics. Our Certified Nurse-Midwives can oversee your prenatal care in locations throughout the metro area.

Any one of the care options we offer ensures that you and your baby will benefit from the wide range of services and resources. Each option has advantages, and ultimately the choice is up to you.

When you deliver at the Birth Center, you and your partner will have many choices about labor, delivery and your hospital stay. To help ensure that your birth experience meets your expectations and personal preferences, we recommend that you think about what is important to you and communicate your ideas with us. Ask your provider for more information.

Welcome to The Birth Center at HCMC's childbirth education video classes! Here you will find a variety of video topics to choose from. Please enter the password given to you by your provider.