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Orthopedic Care




Comprehensive orthopedic care is delivered by nationally-recognized physicians in a network of clinics and an outstanding inpatient hospital. Services include fixation of bone fractures, total joint replacement, treatment of bone infections, and problems of the shoulder, hip, knee, hand, or foot. Care is provided to patients with multiple trauma and long-term bone disease.

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A 39-bed inpatient unit features all private rooms including five suites. The unit has an education center for patients and families and a conference room with a full complement of audiovisual equipment.

The Orthopedic Department at Hennepin County Medical Center offers expertise in the following areas:

Fracture Care and Trauma Surgery - HCMC is an international leader in the care of fractures and injuries of bones and joints in children and adults. Staff specializes in treating open fractures and complex fractures in patients with multiple injuries. Successful treatment of these injuries requires skillful application of techniques in soft tissue coverage and bone stabilization, including splints, casts, braces and surgical methods to restore the injured extremity to the best possible condition and appearance. Active physical therapies are used as early as possible in rehabilitation.

Total Joint Replacement and Arthritis - Hennepin is a community leader in the development of implants and new surgical procedures for hip and knee replacement.It is also a referral center for complicated total joint surgeries. Minimally invasive techniques for total hip replacements are being developed.Severe arthritic problems can be successfully treated with total joint replacement. We take a comprehensive team approach to arthritis care, including rheumatologists, specialists in infectious diseases, neurologists, and surgeons with expertise in upper and lower extremity repair.

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Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery - Problems may involve a number of complex systems of the hand, including nerves, skin, muscles, tendons, bones, joints, and blood vessels. The Hand Surgery Service is involved in the care of injures, reconstruction for arthritic problems, relief of nerve compressive syndromes, and treatment of the inflammatory conditions of the tendons. The department also excels in the correction of congenital deformities and the application of microsurgical techniques, including tissue transfer and replantation.

Musculoskeletal Infections - The Orthopedic Department has a specialized musculoskeletal Sepsis Unit where a team of infectious diseases physicians and orthopedic surgeons work together in treating short and long-term infections of the bones and joints, infected fractures, and infections in artificial total joint replacements.

Soft Tissue Injuries - Trauma can cause soft tissues to stretch and tear.These sprain/strain injuries can be debilitating. Fortunately the treatment is usually non-surgical and consists of medication and rehabilitation. Our staff has years of experience, excellent diagnostic resources and a team of physical/occupational therapists to help successfully manage these conditions.