Hospice of the Twin Cities

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Hospice of the Twin Cities provides quality end-of-life care to all people, including those who have been historically underserved by hospice, such as veterans, residents of rural communities, and people of low socioeconomic status.

Hospice of the Twin Cities affirms life and regards dying as a normal human experience. We work to alleviate suffering, be it physical, emotional, social or spiritual. We focus on quality of life and maximizing the comfort of our patients.

At Hospice of the Twin Cities, we pride ourselves in providing care and service that exceeds the expectations of our care partners, patients and their families. We offer integrative services including nursing, personal care, music therapy, pet therapy and more.

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Contact Hospice of the Twin Cities at 763-531-2424.

HOTC Caren Gaytko Content Photo Caren Gaytgo, RN, PHN, MA
Sr. Director of Community Care


HOTC Pat Keefer Content Photo Patti Keefer, RN, BAN, MAOL
Clinical Director/Administrator
HOTC Martha McCusker Small Content Photo

Martha McCusker, MD, FACP
Medical Director