Parkside Multispecialty Clinic

825 South 8th Street
Parkside Professional Center, Suite 250
Minneapolis MN 55404

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8AM – 4:30PM, M–F




  • Gastroenterology (conditions of the stomach, intestines, bile ducts, liver, and pancreas) 
  • Urology (conditions of the urinary tract)
  • Urogynecology (reproductive- and urology-related conditions of women)
  • Continence Disorders
  • Hepatitis and Liver Disease

About our clinics: This is a hospital-based clinic owned by Hennepin County Medical Center. Many insurance plans pay for health care services provided in a hospital-based clinic differently than those provided in a doctor’s office. Your insurance may require that you meet your annual deductible and/or require that you pay a percentage of the bill rather than just an office visit co-payment. You should check with your insurance company if you have any questions. Read our FAQs about hospital-based clinics to learn more.