Pediatric Drug Book

Pediatric Drug Book

The Pediatric Emergency Drug Book is an easy-to-use weight based reference for drug doses in caring for your pediatric patients. Weights 1-58 kg are included with new additions of atomized intranasal (AIN) dosing, IV infusions, hematology, GI, massive transfusion, and the most current toxicological drugs. Reference charts are available with updated practice standards for approaches to the ill Child, burn resuscitation, sedation and analgesia for emergency department procedures. $50.00 (includes tax and shipping).

How to purchase the pediatric drug book

Please fill out the Pediatric Emergency Drug Book order form with payment and mail to:

HCMC, Trauma and Critical Care Outreach, O-9
701 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55415

An invoice will be sent once your order form and payment have been received. For more information, email