Cancer Stories

Michael McElrath


Unsung Heroes

You can’t believe it’s true;
you don’t know what to do
But Chemo Angels bring you hope
Chemo Angels help you cope.

Michael McElrath was inspired to write the song "Chemo Angels" during his visits to our infusion center to treat the cancer that had struck both himself and his wife. Though his wife lost her battle with cancer, Michael is in good health today and credits the Cancer Center staff with helping him pull through this tragic and uncertain time in his life. "They administer really toxic medicine and people are scared of it," says Michael. "But they make you feel okay. They calm you down, treat you with compassion, and explain everything." "Chemo Angels" is Michael’s way of giving proper recognition to the people for whom he will be forever grateful.


Heidi Mogush

There through Thick and Thin

Hennepin has been there for Heidi Mogush and her family through the good times and the bad, providing steadfast support and care. HCMC’s nurse-midwives shared in the joyful delivery of Heidi’s two children, born 3 years apart. And when her second child was just 18 months old and Heidi was diagnosed with breast cancer, Cancer Center staff were there to help her through the treatment process and road to recovery. "Being young parents with young children at home, this was incredibly scary for us, but the staff were amazing. They took extra care to understand me as a whole person and answer as many questions as we needed them to."