Psychiatry Stories

Ann Brigino


Every Patient Has a Story

Perhaps it's her experience in psychiatry that gives Clinical Pharmacist Ann Brigino the knowledge that every patient has a story, a life beyond the walls of the medical center—family, friends, work, and hobbies. Ann understands that patients are so much more than bodies. They are human beings whose lives, like all well-crafted stories, can be filled with conflict, growth, and resolution. By simply listening, Ann helps her patients open up, and what she hears is always important to their care.


Brian Jost

A Dose of Something Real

The symptoms of Brian Jost's bipolar disorder reached their peak in the summer of 2009 when he was admitted to our inpatient psychiatry unit. He remembers this as a chaotic time that felt very strange and intense. Brian experienced hallucinations and other psychotic symptoms and doesn’t remember much from his stay. However, he does remember a few simple things that helped make him more comfortable: a friendly staff member calling him by name, another who took the time to comment on the book he was reading. In addition to the psychiatric care he received, these thoughtful gestures kept him in touch with reality and the person he really was. Today Brian is doing well, continuing with his treatment and heartened by milestones including a new child, a new house, and even a new book he wrote about his experiences – Grounded by Bipolar Disorder, One Pilot’s Landing.