Financial Counseling

Contact a financial counselor today at 612-873-2767 or We are available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. We will help you explore your public health plan and financial assistance options so you can achieve financial peace of mind and better health.


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Financial counselors are located at the downtown Minneapolis campus and at our neighborhood clinics.

Downtown Campus

  • Green Building, Level 9
  • Purple Building, Level 1 (P1.645) - Next to Interpreter Services 
  • Blue Building, Level 1 (B1.114) - In the Disability Evaluation Center
  • Red Building, Level 1 (R1.063) - Emergency Department
  • Red Building, Level 5 - OB/GYN Clinic Front Desk
  • Red Building, Level 7 - ENT, Eye & Pediatric Clinic Area

Neighborhood Clinics

  • Whittier
  • East Lake
  • Richfield
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Brooklyn Center – Refer to Brooklyn Park Financial Counselor


You do not need to make an appointment to see a Financial Counselor. We accept walk-ins in the Purple Building, Level 1 location.

To schedule an appointment with a financial counselor on our downtown campus, please call 612-873-2767. To schedule an appointment at any of the neighborhood clinics, please contact 612-873-6963.