I don't have insurance and I live outside of Hennepin County

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We understand that some of our patients live outside of Hennepin County who come to us for their primary care or for emergency situations. If you are using our health care services and are uninsured, we are still here to assist you.

Hennepin Care financial assistance program

Even though Hennepin Care is for residents of Hennepin County, there are events in your life that may qualify you for a Hennepin Care discount. We can talk to you about your eligibility for a Hennepin Care discount if:

  • Your medical situation requires an inpatient stay at HCMC.
  • The services we provide are not available in your locale.
  • You need post-discharge outpatient services after an inpatient stay.

Talk with a financial counselor today by calling 612-873-2767. A financial counselor will work with you to assess your situation, determine if you qualify for Hennepin Care, and help you with the application process. During an inpatient stay, a financial counselor can visit with you at your bedside.

If you don't qualify for Hennepin Care

If you are uninsured and living outside of Hennepin County and you do not meet the criteria for Hennepin Care financial assistance, you may be eligible for a public health care program such as Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare. Contact your county human services department or an HCMC financial counselor today at 612-873-2767 to assist you with the application process.

As an uninsured patient, you are also eligible for the Self-Pay Discount. This discount is available to all HCMC uninsured patients, including those who live outside of Hennepin County.