Cafeteria & Coffee Shops

HCMC cafeteria

HCMC's Inspirations Cafe

Location: Orange Building, Level 3
Listen to today's menu at 612-873-2055.
Monday - Friday: 6:30AM - 6:30PM
Saturday, Sunday: 11AM - 6:30PM

The hospital cafeteria is open to employees and visitors seven days a week. The managers, chefs, and servers of Inspirations Café strive to provide meals that are convenient, healthy, and delicious. Our goal is to provide nutritious meals that sustain our customers — be they hospital visitors or staff— with the energy to fuel them throughout the day. You can choose from meal entrees, grilled foods, pizza, soups, sandwich items, a salad bar, fresh bakery items, soft-serve frozen yogurt, cappuccino, deli items, or taco bar.

Dunn Bros Coffee Shops

Our coffee shops sell gourmet coffee and specialty drinks, fresh bakery and pastries, fresh-made sandwiches, soups and specialty salads. 


Red Building Level 1 Lobby
Red Building entrances: 730 South 8th Street and 717 South 7th Street
Open Monday through Friday, 6AM - 6PM
Saturday and Sunday, 7AM - 1PM

Blue Building Level 1 Lobby
Blue Building entrance: 900 South 8th Street
Open Monday through Friday, 6:30AM to 5PM

Purple Building Level 2 Skyway
Purple Building entrances: 716 South 7th Street and 717 South 6th Street
Open Monday through Friday, 6:30AM to 4PM