Transplant Referrals

There are two ways to be referred to the HCMC Transplant Program – doctor referral or self-referral. Your doctor may refer you directly to the transplant program. We ask that your doctor forward your medical records and insurance information to HCMC Transplant Program. Once this information is reviewed, we will contact you to set up an appointment.

The second way to come to the HCMC Transplant Program is to call us. Self-refer is when a patient calls the transplant program directly and asks us to send the referral information packet to them. This packet contains the candidate form and informed consent document. It is important to return the candidate form, along with photocopies of your insurance cards, to the transplant center within two weeks. The informed consent document is provided for your information and will be discussed in great length at your evaluation appointment.

Call 612-873-7700 or 888-345-0816

Please fill out and fax the Transplant Referral Form to HCMC Transplant Program 612-347-4040.