Approaches in Critical Care Publication


Michelle Biros, MD, Editor in Chief

Mary Bensman, Managing Editor, 612-873-9252

Robert Ball, EMT-P, EMS Perspectives Editor

Approaches in Critical Care is a twice-yearly publication that serves critical care professionals involved in pre-hospital and hospital-based care of critically ill or injured patients. Each issue of Approaches in Critical Care is organized around a theme and contains several real-life critical care challenges chosen because of the lessons they offer for everyday clinical practice. Approaches in Critical Care is published by Hennepin County Medical Center.


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Author’s Guidelines

Advances in Critical Care invites original manuscripts reviewing case studies in critical care. When writing the case study:

  • Do not exceed 800 words, not including illustrations, references, photo captions, etc.
  • Avoid medical jargon. Manuscripts should speak to a multidisciplinary audience.
  • Remove identifying details about the patient.
  • When the manuscript is completed, email it to us. Email images in a separate attachment in JPEG or TIFF format.

Manuscript content should include:

  • Title page. Include title, all authors, authors’ titles, institutions, mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Abstract. Provide a summary under 100 words including reasons why this case is notable, brief patient information, and key summary learning points.
  • Case report. The case presentation should include relevant details from patient history, examination, and investigation, such as a pre-hospital care summary emergency department care summary, differential diagnoses, and follow-up information on patient outcome. Photos may be included with written consent from the patient. Details should not identify the patient.
  • Discussion. This section should provide learning points and/or additional comments or information to provide context on care decisions.
  • Illustrations, images, or figures. We encourage the use of illustrations, images, or figures where available to help improve understanding of manuscript content. Please note that images or illustrations must be provided separately from the manuscript in JPEG or TIFF format. Every effort should be made to frame photos in such a way as to preserve the anonymity of patients. Please note that it is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission from the copyright holder of images or figures if they have been previously published.

Authors are responsible for all statements in articles, including changes made by editors. The author must be available to answer questions during the editorial process and to approve edited copy. Authors receive edited manuscripts in Microsoft Word but will not receive galley proofs for final approval. When a manuscript is accepted for publication, authors are required to sign an assignment of copyright ownership.

Thank you for considering submission of a case study to Approaches in Critical Care. If you have questions about manuscript submission that you’d like to discuss, please contact managing editor Linda Zespy at 651-646-4045.

Any reproduction of content in Approaches in Critical Care requires permission. To obtain permission to reprint an article, email us with the name of the article, the author, and the issue number. When reprint permission is granted, the article must be reproduced in its entirety, unedited, and must be accompanied by the following statement:

“Reprinted with permission. Copyright 20XX (insert year that issue was published), Hennepin County Medical Center.”