Internal Medicine Residency: Rotation Schedule and Descriptions

Focused Learning Through Alternating Ward, Clinic Rotations

PGY-1 Rotations

Call Blocks (7-8)
1-2 1-2 2-3 2 0-1
Cardiology Dialysis & Renal Medicine General Medicine Medical Intensive Care Renal Night Float    
Non-Call Blocks* (5-6)
1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Ambulatory Behavioral Medicine Elective Emergency Medicine Endocrinology Geriatrics Other

Residents will rotate monthly between ward and non-ward blocks.
*Non-call blocks may vary slightly for those residents participating in Primary Care Pathways.

PGY-2 Rotations

Call Blocks (7-8)
1-2 1-2 2-3 1-2 0-1
Cardiology Dialysis & Renal Medicine General Medicine Medical Intensive Care Renal Night Float
Non-Call Blocks (5-6)
1 1 1 1 1  
Elective Infectious Disease Consult Nephrology Consult Other Consults Pulmonary Consult Rheumatology Consults & Clinic

Residents will rotate monthly between ward and non-ward blocks.

PGY-3 Rotations

Call Blocks (5-6)
1-2 2-3 1-2 1
Cardiology General Medicine Medical Intensive Care MICU Night Float
Non-Call Blocks (7-8)
1 1 1 1 1 0-1 1 1
Cardiology Consults Elective Gastrointestinal Consults Hematology/Oncology Consults Medicine Consults Other Consults Selective Walk-In Clinic

The majority of PGY-3 rotations will be non-ward rotations.

About Our Rotations

Thirteen four-week blocks comprise the Internal Medicine academic year. Residents alternate every month between ward rotations and clinic or consult rotations.

Our resident ward services for Cardiology, General Medicine, MICU and Renal Medicine follow a traditional structure where a resident team admits patients and accepts primary responsibility for their care from admission through discharge. This reflects our commitment to learning through experience.

A resident team consists of interns and medical students, led by one or more senior residents. There is one attending physician per resident team, who rounds on every patient, every day, with the resident team. Attending physicians supervise major clinical decisions and teach through care of individual patients as well as didactic lectures. At HCMC, private physicians do not provide parallel care to patients; residents are typically the only physicians who write orders.

Continuity Clinics:
During all three years of training, each Internal Medicine resident cares for their own panel of primary care patients in Continuity Clinic. During non-ward months, residents spend two half-days per week in Continuity Clinics, which are located on the HCMC campus. During ward months, each resident has a clinic partner who handles the acute care needs of their Continuity Clinic patients.

We break our Continuity Clinic into three small group practices to give residents a more personalized experience. A team of residents, nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, and a core group of attending staff comprise each practice. We also pair each resident with a specific faculty member to encourage development of strong professional relationships.

True to HCMC's mission as a "safety net" hospital, our clinics treat patients from a range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, contributing to a broad learning experience. Each practice enjoys onsite support from psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical pharmacists, social workers, and community health workers, to provide high quality ambulatory care.

Internal Medicine Rotation Descriptions

The ambulatory rotation in the PGY-1 year is a flexible rotation that the resident can tailor based on their career goals. Established tracks include Hematology/Oncology, Palliative Care, Proceduralist, and Women’s Health; residents may also create an individualized experience.

The Internal Medicine residency offers an elective rotation each year, including PGY-1, which allows residents to explore career options or participate in research or scholarly activities early in their training. PGY-2 residents may participate in the Global Health Pathway program during their elective rotation.

A selective is an open, non-call clinical rotation which residents may use to refine their training. Our program offers selectives during the PGY-3 year to allow senior residents to explore a particular area of internal medicine in greater depth. Residents may create an individualized schedule to suit their own educational goals.