The Division of Urological Surgery provides care for male and female patients, adult and pediatric, with genitourinary diseases. Faculty members treat a wide spectrum of diseases, including those that may present initially as other medical problems, such as hematuria or infection. Our Continence Center is an interdepartmental collaboration with Gynecology, wherein a team approach is used to diagnose and treat continence concerns. Expanded treatment options include pelvic floor exercise and biofeedback therapy.

  • Urological Cancer
    • Bladder
    • Kidney
    • Prostate
    • Testis
  • Benign prostate hypertrophy
  • Urinary incontinence, voiding dysfunction
  • Calculus disease
  • Erectile dysfunction, impotence
  • Prosthetic implants
  • Specialized urodynamic testing
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Trauma
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Male infertility
  • Female urology