Geriatric Medicine Fellowship

Hennepin County Medical Center offers one-year PGY-4 fellowships for internists and family physicians desiring to become expert leaders in Geriatric Medicine. Structured around a carefully designed curriculum, fellows learn theoretical and practical aspects of care of healthy elderly, those who are frail or functionally impaired those with cognitive impairment and those at the end of life.

Clinical learning sites include comprehensive geriatric primary care and consultative clinics, nursing facilities incorporating long-term care , sub-acute and rehabilitation care, specialty clinics including dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, uro-gynecology, bone and mineral metabolism, acute inpatient rehabilitation, geriatric psychiatry, palliative care, and inpatient consultation services. Trainees can elect additional experience in a broad range of other clinical services. At our most recent ACGME-RRC review we received accreditation "with commendation".

Fellows follow a panel of patients longitudinally in ambulatory geriatric clinics, home care and nursing home settings. They provide in-patient consultation advice when their primary care patients are hospitalized, with hospitalist and palliative care programs, and by performing in-patient geriatric rehabilitation consults.

Fellows participate with faculty in resident and medical student teaching, in multidisciplinary team discussions in hospice and palliative care, home care service agency, county vulnerable adult protective services, nursing home quality improvement programs, and other clinical settings. Fellows serve as members of HCMC’s biomedical ethics committee.

Fellows attend and present at weekly Geriatric Grand Rounds/Journal Club discussions. They participate in weekly core curriculum and multi-disciplinary clinical case conferences, Department of Medicine Grand Rounds and monthly meetings of the HCMC Biomedical Ethics Committee. Fellows participate in weekly conferences in geriatric psychiatry, didactic sessions in research study design, statistical analysis and critical review of medical literature, and in ongoing quality improvement and patient safety initiatives of the Geriatric Medicine Division.

Fellows participate in scholarly activities and are encouraged to develop a project for presentation at a national or regional scientific meeting or for publication. Broad areas for fellow involvement include epidemiology of dementia and delirium, educational and clinical outcomes of consultative initiatives in adult protective services for vulnerable adults (elder abuse and neglect), palliative care clinical outcomes, and diabetic management in long-term care settings, among others.

Teaching Staff

  • Lawrence J. Kerzner, MD FACP, AGSF, Assistant Professor, Program Director and preceptor for ambulatory clinic, inpatient geriatric consultation, home care and vulnerable adult/protective services, biomedical ethics.
  • Abigail Holley, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Home visit and clinic preceptor
  • Anne Murray, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor, Associate Program Director for Research. Preceptor for ambulatory clinic.
  • Martha McCusker, MD FACP, Assistant Professor, Preceptor for long term care and hospice/palliative care, biomedical ethics.
  • Roberta Meyers, MD, MPH, CMD, Assistant Professor, Preceptor for ambulatory clinic care, long- term care and sub-acute rehabilitation
  • Bernadette Quadling, MBBCH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, geriatric medicine.
  • John Riley McCarten, MD, Assistant Professor, Preceptor for Dementia Clinic
  • Susan Czapiewski, MD Assistant Professor, Preceptor for Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Keith E. Eidman, D.O., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Preceptor for Bone and Mineral Metabolism.
  • Martha Nance, MD, Assistant Professor, Preceptor in Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders
  • Scott Bundlie, MD, Assistant Professor, Preceptor in Stroke Clinic
  • Steven Lockman, MD, Assistant Professor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, preceptor in rehabilitation medicine.
  • Steven Hillson, MD, MS, Associate Professor, Preceptor in statistical analysis, research study design, and critical review of medical literature.


KerznerLawrence_25.jpg  Lawrence J. Kerzner, MD FACP, AGSF
Assistant Professor, Program Director
Mary Schuefftan Geriatric Fellowship Photo Mary Schuefftan
Administrative Coordinator