About the Hennepin Health Foundation

The Hennepin Health Foundation exists to connect the generosity of the community to the mission of Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc. We are a not-for-profit both in our organizational form and in spirit as we dedicate ourselves to caring for all people and enriching the health of our community. Your generosity can enhance patient care, medical education and clinical research. We invite you to partner with us.

Board of Directors
Kathleen Finnegan Lamey, JD: Chair Laura Chin: Treasurer
Courtney Cushing Kiernat: Vice Chair Scott Rusert, JD: Secretary
Jennell Bilek, PhD, JD Shira Hauschen, JD
Molly Burke, JD Carole Hitt
Dominic Ciresi Elliot Kaplan, JD
Richard Daddi Richard Kyle, MD
Brett Edelson Rebecca Odland
Tenbit Emiru, MD Jon Pryor, MBA, MD
Donald Haas Serafin Samson
Jantze Haley Deborah Yungner
Ford W. Bell, DVM, VP of Philanthropy & President Adam Haglin, Development Officer
Michael Belzer, MD, Chief of Physician Development Jesse Hicks, Senior Director of Development

Brigid Borka, Volunteer Services Coordinator

Robin Hoppenrath, Events and Program Manager
Valerie Bowden, Accountant Marceil Luedtke, Senior Development Officer
Chad Boysen, Development Officer Karin Meier, Director of Development

Amy Carlson, Director of Operations and Communications

Lisa Miller, Senior Development Officer
Carolyn Carpentier, Executive Assistant Kelly O'Brien, Volunteer Coordinator

Zuzanne Fenner, Zuzanne Fenner, Senior Director of Finance & Administration

Melissa Shipley, Database Research Coordinator
Nila Gouldin, Grant Administration Specialist

Youa Vang, Database Research Coordinator

James Gullixson, Senior Accountant

Julie Ann Watt, Senior Development Officer


Hennepin Health Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization with a FEIN # of 41-0845733.

Download a copy of our 990. Read our latest annual report.

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Hennepin Health Foundation
701 Park Avenue, LSB3
Minneapolis, MN 55415

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