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By providing accommodation for overnight guests at the bedside, HCMC will help family and friends be present for each waking moment or last breath.

Each year, thousands of patients with life-threatening injuries and illness, as well as those at the end of their lives, seek care and comfort in HCMC’s intensive care units.

Their loves ones—desperate to be near their sick family members—struggle to get some rest in chairs and on benches, when difficult days and nights sometimes stretch into long and anxious weeks.

You can help.

When you donate to the Buy-a-Bed campaign, you help provide the one thing that excellent health care cannot—the comforting presence of a loved one.

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The Buy-a-Bed campaign will furnish 51 patient rooms with sleeper sofas in HCMC’s Burn Center, Medical Intensive Care Unit, and Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Each sofa costs $3,000, and the total campaign is $153,000 by June 1, 2014.

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