Light Up the Night Gala


The Community Shined Bright for Psychiatry Services on December 3, 2015.

2015 LUTN Gala Psychiatry Resource Center Photo

We are delighted by the generosity shown at Light Up the Night to build a resource center for family and friends struggling to support a loved one with mental illness. The response from the crowd of over 800 guests propelled the fundraising success to its highest level. Preliminary results show that $226,561 raised in the room that evening.

Staff in our psychiatry department have been smiling all week thinking about the great impact the resource center will have on our community. Thank you for making this happiness possible.

We welcome you to view the two videos shown that evening through the following links:

To watch Tony online:

To watch Jesse online:
(Enter hcmc to view video.)

2015 LUTN Gala Collage Photo



Event Chairs:

Jill & David Orbuch
Kathleen & John Lamey, III

Event Host Committee:

Suzanne Begin, MBA, CRFE
Amy & Ford W. Bell, DVM
Molly Biwer
Dawn & Walter Chesley
Eduardo Colón, MD
Helen & John Crosson, MD
Megen Cullen, RN, MS
Heather & David Durenberger
Erica & Mike Finnegan
Pamela Flenniken, BA
Patti Goldberg
Donald Haas
Sara & Buzz Hannahan
Ian Heath, MD
Kristyn & William Heegaard, MD, MHA
Carole & John Hitt, MD, MBA



Event Host Committee continued...

Susan Jepson, MPH, BSN & Bill Jepson
Julie & David Jones
Eloise & Elliot Kaplan, JD
Mary & Mike Kosir
Linda & Larry Kryzaniak, MA, FHFMA
Steve Lokensgard, JD
Lisa & Dan Miller
Sheila & John Moroney
Rebecca & Mark Odland, MD
Susan Olson, MS & Jeff Olson, JD
Joyce & Martin Orbuch, MD
Lori & Bruce Paulson, CPA, JD
Paula Picard & Chip Truwit, MD
Michael K. Popkin, MD
Laurie & Jon Pryor, MD, MBA
Mary & Gaylan Rockswold, MD
Scott Rusert, JD
Maggie Romens & Pat Fallon
David Schultz
David Weinstein
Kathy Wilde, RN, MA, CENP & Gary Wilde
Ellyn Wolfenson & Michael Belzer, MD
Donna & Scott Wordelman