JoEllen M. Kozlowski, PhD, LP


Dr. Kozlowski is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. While on internship in New Hampshire, Dr. Kozlowski completed a primary rotation in Integrated Primary Care Psychology, working closely with a 2nd year Medical Resident to serve his patients in a holistic model of care. After internship she completed a 24 month Health Psychology Fellowship in a Medical Residency program where she developed an Integrated Primary Care Psychology program as her senior project. She also taught medical residents and medical students as part of her training.

Dr. Kozlowski chose Integrated Primary Care Psychology because it tapped into her desire to make a contribution to population management of chronic diseases. Additionally, she wished to serve people who may not otherwise present to a traditional mental health center for their concerns. Dr. Kozlowski also appreciates that the Integrated Primary Care model allows the psychologist to be part of the patient’s overall care, thereby developing life-long relationships with patients, similar to Primary Care Medicine.

Dr. Kozlowski came to Minnesota to practice Integrated Primary Care Psychology and has grown to love living in Minnesota as she enjoys snowshoeing, biking, cross-country skiing, hiking and had the opportunity to experience dog-sledding for the first time in 2011 in Ely, Minnesota.